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Archive storage and data depots
Voerman Archiving and Data Depots has been established specifically for the storage and just as iportant - management of company and institutional archives. Voerman provides you with special archiving boxes for the purpose,ensuring that the available storage space is used as efficiantly as possible. After all, filling documents for ten years requires a huge amount of space. Space that could be put to much better use for "profitable" purposes, such as creating extra office room.

Every archive has its own particular shape and form. This is why Voerman has developed various types of storage boxes. An archive is usually chaotic: files are often in the way, because they were quicky "parked" so as to be rid of them. By the time you need to find something it may take hours to retrieve it. Not so with the Voerman archive manager. All documents are registered on index lists and in our computer system, so that immediate access to any file is guaranteed. The documents you need can be delivered to you by post, courier service, or fax. You can also call us, so we can place the documents to examine in a separate room where you can peruse them at your own convenience.

The essencials:
  • Your archives outsourced, but within east reach
  • Storage boxes made-to-measure. Special in-house developed filling boxes.
  • Voerman not only stores, but manages your files as well.
  • Annual print-outs of the contents of boxes due for destruction issued at your request. After your written confirmation files are destroyed and a sertificate of destruction is sent to you.
  • One phone call is enough.
  • Transparent, fixed rates.
  • Voerman complies with all government imposed norms and standarts.
  • Archive digitalisation on request.