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Save time and energy with our packing service
When you are moving house, you can have the smaller items, such as tableware, glassware, books, linen, clothes, and CDs, etc., packed professionally. Our packers will make sure that all the preparatory tasks are carried out without fuss. From packing and coding your possessions in your old home to placing them back in the cupboards and cabinets in your new home, clean and ready to use. It’s all possible.
This service has a number of important advantages:
You save time and energy
Your possessions are packed by skilled experts
Your home remains intact up to the time our packer arrives
Your possessions are insured
We also have special facilities for clothing that must be hanging at all times. We hang your clothes in special lockable wardrobes that we seal and then transport. In that way, your clothes are protected at all times from dirt and the weather.
And when we leave your new home, everything in every room is in its proper place and ready to use. That’s a comforting thought, isn’t it?