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Packing, international
Voerman Sofia is a specialist when it comes to packing your property for international removals. To pack your possessions, we use carefully selected materials that meet all international requirements.
Thanks to our many years of experience, we can pack your possessions efficiently and effectively and so save a lot of time and especially space.
If you are moving abroad, your possessions will be packed differently depending on whether you are being moved by land or by sea. If you are being moved by sea, Voerman International will pack your furniture to make it seaworthy; special export packers will make made-to-measure cardboard coverings for each individual item. This will not be necessary if you are being moved by land.
You benefit from the following advantages if Voerman International does your packing for you:
°  You save time when preparing your move; you don’t have to pack your things yourself
°  Damage limitation: the most damage that occurs during a move is due to inept packing. Voerman International’s movers pack your possessions professionally, preventing any damage
°  Cost-savings: by packing efficiently, the number of cubic metres of goods to be moved is kept as low as possible. Because you are paying for the volume amongst other things, you can thus save extra costs
°  Specialised export packers will pack your possessions to make them seaworthy
If you decide to pack your things yourself, we can give you some very handy tips.