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Professional packing materials
For a national move, Voerman Sofial has special packing materials available.
The following is a summary of the materials we use and can also make available to you:
1. Folding box with handles
These boxes can be folded when not in use. For extra strength, the outer edges can be stuck with tape.
The boxes are very suitable for removals by land.
They are used for packing small breakable and non-breakable goods.
2. Glassware box (5.6)
Dimensions: 47x47x63 cm
The glassware box is used to pack a variety of items.
2.1. With its separate compartments, the box is particularly suitable for crystal and ornaments.
2.2. Without its separate compartments, the box is used for lampshades/cushions/vases and other larger light items.
3. Hanging clothes box (16)
This is a special box, also called a wardrobe box, which functions as a transportable wardrobe. It has been designed to transport clothing in a hanging position.
4. Plastic mattress cover
The mattress cover is used to protect your mattresses.
5. Foam
This environmentally friendly foam is used to protect leather, antique and polished furniture.
6. Corrugated cardboard
Corrugated cardboard is used by export packers to protect furniture. It is cut exactly to size, so that your furniture is protected to the optimum.
7. Cutting cardboard
Cutting cardboard is thicker cardboard that is used as an extra protective layer after corrugated cardboard has been used.
8. Blister padding
Blister padding is mainly used for transport by land to protect plasma screens, pictures, frames and small heavy items.
9. Small-parts box
As the name implies, this special, conspicuous box is used to store parts of cupboards, keys, and TV remote control units. This ensures that the parts are not mixed up with other items during the move.
10. Painting box
The painting box is a special cardboard packing box for paintings of all sizes.
11. Wine box
With its separate compartments, the wine box is ideally suited for the transport of wine.
12. Plate padding
These are cardboard intermediate layers that are used as padding when packing costly plates and tableware.
13. Packing paper
This white packing paper is extra strong and leaves no marks. It is used as packing material for glass/china in boxes and as a filling material when topping up boxes.
14. Acid-free paper
Acid-free paper is a very special and costly packing material used for packing silver and brass and fragile crystal and porcelain.
15. Chips
Plastic chips are used as filler material in boxes and crates in which fragile goods are packed.
16. Stickers
Stickers are placed on the sides of boxes. The contents and the location at the destination address are written on these stickers. There are special stickers available with ‘breakables’, ‘in storage’ and ‘hold’ pre-printed on them.
17. Tape
White tape that is easily removable is used to seal the packing boxes.