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Полезни съвети за опаковане
Опаковането е много важна част от всяко преместване. Когато артикулите са опаковани правилно, се предотвратяват много щети и се гарантира, че транспортирането им ще бъде възможно най-безпроблемно.
Ако решите да опаковате нещата си сами, ще се радваме да ви дадем някои полезни съвети. Ние също можем да ви предоставим всички материали, от които се нуждаете. Съветникът ви по преместването ще ви информира за различните опции, с които разполагате.
Вижте в раздела за опаковъчни материали описанието на видовете кашони.
Дребни , чупливи предмети:
1. Стъклария: В сгъваем кашон с дръжки, направете добра пружинираща основа, използвайки +/- 10 топки от опаковъчна хартия.
Внимателно обвийте всяко стъкло в 2 листа хартия. Сложете стъклота изправени в кашона и след това го допълнете нагоре с други леки елементи. И накрая, допълнете кашона с топки от хартия, за да предотвратите движението на съдържанието.
За скъпите кристални стъкла можете да използвате нашата специална кутия за стъкло с отделни отделения. Но увийте всичките си стъкла в малко хартия, преди да ги поставите в отделни отделения.
2. Plates: in a folding box with handles, make a good springy base using +/- 10 balls of packing paper. Pack three plates at a time in 3 sheets of paper and make sure there is a paper buffer between each plate. Put the plates upright in the box and top up the box with, for example, Tupperware or other light items. Finally, top up the box with balls of paper to prevent the contents from moving around.
For more expensive tableware, we can also supply you with bullet-paper that you can use as extra protection between the plates.
To summarise:
- Use too much paper rather than too little
- Place heavy items on the bottom of the box and lighter items on top
- Work from large to small
- Never leave anything sticking out over the edge, but leave 2 cm room under the edge and top up with paper
- Clearly indicate on the box that it contains breakable goods
- Keep the boxes of breakables together
- On the side of the box, attach a sticker stating the contents and where the box has to go
Larger items:
3. Books: use a folding box with handles.
Lay the books flat in the box with the spines against each other.
Fill the box up to 60% and top it off with, for instance, linen or another light material.
This ensures that you or our employees will not strain their backs!
4. Wine: use the special wine box with separate compartments.
5. Mattresses: we can supply you with special plastic mattress covers.
6. Connecting parts/cables: use the conspicuously coloured small-parts box for parts of dismantled items of furniture. This box is also ideal for keys/remote control units and the cables belonging to your costly audio equipment!
7. Lampshades: dismantle the top from the base and always pack lampshades separately in a box. There are different-sized boxes available.
8. Hanging clothing: for hanging clothing, a wardrobe box is available. To make sure that your expensive clothes do not get damaged, do not add any other items.
9. Linen/sweaters/shirts/jeans: use a folding box with handles and fill the box to the top.
10. Audio and video equipment: if possible, use the original boxes. If you no longer have them, follow these instructions: in a folding box with handles, make a good springy base using +/- 10 balls of packing paper and pack the loose parts first in a soft foam. Fill the remaining space with paper so that the items cannot move around in the box.
11. Plasma TV: if possible, use the original box. If you no longer have the original box, follow these instructions:
First, place a layer of foam to prevent the screen from being scratched. Then add a layer of bubble wrap and finish off with cardboard. Our movers can help you with this, so please do not hesitate to ask for their assistance.
12. Clocks: remove the pendulum from the clock and pack it in the small-parts box, for example. We recommend that you leave the packing of large long-case or grandfather clocks to our movers.
13. Food and flammable items: it’s better if you don’t pack food that has been opened. We recommend that you transport it yourself. Flammable and explosive goods may not be packed because of the fire risk.
14. Open bottles: Do not pack open bottles as they might cause damage to other goods.